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  • Relief for Families and Small Businesses - Immediate tax relief for families and small businesses will put money back in their pockets so they can afford groceries, medication, fuel. Combine this with insurance reform and tort reform and this will create an environment for families and small businesses to thrive in Florida.

  • Reform Education and Parental Rights - Parents must direct the education of their children, not political school boards, and protect children from crazy policies.       

  • Support and Protect the Most Vulnerable - Protect seniors, children, and support single parents.      

  • Protect Medical Freedom For Patients and Doctors - Patients and doctors discuss and treat without interference from companies, government, or special interest groups.

  • Protect Election Integrity - Strengthen voting to ensure safe and fair elections, including human verification of computer data, clean voter rolls, and only US citizens vote. 

  • Protect Our State Troops - Protect Active and Reserve troops as well as Veterans from illegal federal mandates while stationed in Florida.

  • Support First Responders to Ensure Public Safety in All Our Cities - Provide first responders with the resources needed to succeed in their mission.    

  • Protect Water Quality and Our Environment ​​- Water is our greatest resource and we must protect and preserve it for future generations.  

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