Legislative Priorities

  • Bring Common Sense Back to Government as One Nation, Under God  We need people with honesty and integrity to be elected into public office to represent us, not professional politicians and bureaucrats. We are a nation of immigrants, built from many, one nation, under God, and we must elect people to serve that support the Constitution, not people that wish to destroy it. We are Americans first, and we must stand united to protect the principles on which our country was founded; freedom of speech, religion, and the right to bear arms. We need people with honesty and integrity to run for public office that will help our communities grow and thrive and willing to call out the hypocrisy of elected officials of both parties.  We need patriots, not politicians. 

  • Support and Revive Small Businesses  Democrats have always believed in big government. Their policies through the years show that they want people dependent upon the government as they move toward socialism and communism.  They have shown that they will declare one emergency after another to take power at the expense of American freedoms.  Successful small businesses interfere  with their power grab.  Small businesses allow people to be self reliant and make their communities stronger while reinforcing the traditional values of America.  Small businesses have always been the cornerstone of our country and have suffered the most during the pandemic.  We need to make it easier for small businesses to succeed and bring in patriots, not politicians, that are willing to do the hard work of reforming taxes as well as tort and insurance reform.  Small businesses are where creativity and innovation occur and we must create an environment where it can thrive in Florida.  


  • Reform Education and Parental Rights   The time has come for parents to be given the power to direct the education of their children, rather than political school boards.  We have to make school boards accountable to parents and taxpayers and accountable for their actions with our tax dollars.  It is not enough for the legislature to write laws, we need enforcement mechanisms to ensure the laws already on the books are followed and provide the tools for enforcement. We must protect our children from the liberal policies to indoctrinate children with the false teaching of CRT and prevent the sexualization of our children.  We must reform the tenure system, and expedite the removal of bad teachers.  By the same token, we have to compensate teachers that do a great job, rather than compensating based on time in service.    


  • Support and Protect the Most Vulnerable  Seniors, Children, and the Unborn  We need to improve senior care and prevent institutions from ever limiting access to loved ones as happened during the pandemic.  We must expose child sex trafficking and destroy the organizations and pedophiles that target them, while providing support for victims.  We need to protect the unborn and place limits on abortion, which was meant to be rare and infrequent, not the form of birth control which it has become.  Single mothers that choose life rather than an abortion must be supported.       

  • Protect Medical Freedom For Patients and Doctors Patients and doctors may discuss and treat patients in a fashion deemed appropriate by both the patient and the physician without interference from insurance companies, government entities, or special interest groups.

  • Protect Election Integrity State holiday for elections, giving every individual the opportunity to vote.  Ensure vote by mail signature verification and observation, watermark mail in ballots to prevent malfeasance, enforce human verification of computer data with observers from both parties, direct supervisor of elections to clean up voter rolls, ensure only valid US citizens on Florida voter rolls. 

  • Protect Our State Troops  Protect Active, Reserve ,and Veterans from illegal federal mandates while stationed in Florida

  • Support First Responders to Ensure Public Safety in All Our Cities   All communities require safety to thrive and be successful.  We must ensure that first responders have the resources needed to succeed in their mission.    


  • Protect Water Quality and Our Environment  This is our greatest resource and we must protect and preserve it against damage while not overburdening legitimate businesses that seek to expand Florida's economy without damaging the environment


  • Animal Protection and Prevention of Abuse


  • Resolve the Pandemic  Expose and prosecute the corrupt politicians and bureaucrats that wish to manipulate data for personal and business interests at the expense of citizens