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I have lived in the Wellington and Lake Worth communities for the last 15 years as your neighbor, small business owner, father, husband, and veteran. 

As a 1st generation American I know and respect the sacrifice of all immigrants to our country.  My parents emigrated from Europe after World War II after surviving the Nazis and escaping the Communist takeover of Eastern Europe, coming to the US in 1949.  


I learned the lessons of my parents and worked hard to put myself through college and medical school, while also serving in the military. As a physician, I work to diagnose and heal people. 


America is in a critical situation, and

we are in danger of losing our Republic. 


I have the skills and training to help save and restore her, but I need your help.    It’s time for honest and hard working every day citizens, with pride in our imperfect history, to step up and take our country back from professional politicians and bureaucrats.  I am running for public office to be a voice of reason and common sense, in these uncommon times.  I will work to protect the American dream for my family, my community, and protect Florida for future generations. 

Dr. Saulis Banionis

Dr. Saulis Banionis, M.D.

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