Fighting to Protect the American Dream in Florida 


  I am your neighbor, small business owner, father, husband, and veteran and have been able to partner with my wife to build several successful small businesses.  Together, my wife and I, have built successful relationships in business and medicine to improve the lives of people and families in Palm Beach County and the surrounding communities.

     I have been a physician, working for the last 15 years, to help the people in our community to optimize their health.  Unlike corrupt professional politicians that make shady back door deals to push political agendas and enrich the politically connected, I have enriched the lives of people and families to be more functional and to live happier, healthier, and more productive lives in our community. 

Dr. Saulis Banionis

Dr. Saulis Banionis, M.D.


     In the current political climate that seeks to divide and destroy America based on race, sex, pronouns, etc., while uttering nonsense such as “diversity is our strength”.   Diversity is not our strength; it is our weakness when it is used to divide us, but diversity is beautiful when is used to unite us as Americans to make our communities and our country better.  We’ve all witnessed these professional politicians and their corrupt policies attempt to divide and distract the people as they make endless excuses why things don't get done.   These professional politicians seek to enrich themselves and gain political power at the expense of the working people while overtaxing and under serving our community. We see the political elites and their hypocrisy as they promise much, yet do nothing about violence in cities, destruction of small businesses, neglect of the elderly and providing fewer services for them, corruption of children and their education, and they seek instead to divide us to maintain their power.  We get glimpses of what our world could be with caring people making good choices for our communities and building them up, rather than allowing these politicians to let the communities around then crumble.  Instead of professional politicians, we need people with common sense and a proven track record of caring and success to step up and unite people to take our country and our communities back to build a successful future for our families and future generations.  


     It’s time for good every day citizens to step up and take our country back.  From local school boards and county positions, to local and state elected offices, it's time for citizens with common sense and pride in our imperfect history to take our government back.  To make it work for the people, it must be run by the people, not professional politicians that say what people want to hear and then fail to deliver.  We have inherited from our founding fathers and by God’s grace the freedoms that we cherish and have a responsibility to protect that freedom for our children.   That's why  I am  running for public office.  Rather than “political experience”, I offer our community a caring physician, neighbor, and father with common sense and a proven track record of success that is willing to fight to protect the American dream for Florida families.