Dr. Saulis Banionis, M.D.

     I am a Board Certified physician in Pain Management by the American Board of Physical Medicine and Rehab.  I also hold Board certifications from the American Board of Internal Medicine, the American Board of Disability Analysts, and am additionally board-certified in Regenerative Medicine.  I have completed fellowships in traditional interventional pain management as well as stem cell therapy.  I work in private practice to provide the highest quality medical care for my patients to optimize their function so that they can focus on living their lives to its fullest. I have also worked to improve healthcare in Florida by working as a Medical Expert for the Florida Board of Medicine, helping the Florida State Attorney to prosecute poor medical care while helping to support good physicians and good medicine.

Dr. Saulis Banionis, M.D.


     As a Conservative, I fully support the basic principles on which our country was founded including all the freedoms endowed by our Creator and enshrined in the Bill of Rights. As a Christian, father, and husband, I thank God every day for my family and the wonderful country that we have been entrusted to protect and preserve.   But as a physician, I work to improve the health and lives of all patients on a daily basis, so that they too can live their lives to the fullest in our great country.  As a young man, I served in the Army Reserve National Guard, and was honorably discharged from the US Army.  I was willing to fight as a young man and am now willing to stand and fight once again, for our state and our country.  


     As a Conservative, I stand against policies which seek to weaken or destroy the fabric of our society and our republic.  All around our country, we see the hypocrisy of politicians and their failed policies which have destroyed and impoverished many major cities and now seeks to sow division, while promoting special interests and advancing their own political agenda.  Our country has a rich and wonderful history for which we should all be proud.  We learn from history the struggles of our country, which have tested our endurance and strengthened our resolve.  We have risen up from those challenges to lead the world, and though our resolve is once again being tested, I believe we will endure these tests and rise as a stronger and more grateful nation.  

     I am not a politician.  I am a concerned citizen, who feels that it is necessary for people to stand up and fight for our state and our country.  With the current pandemic crippling our country, I see politicians who are often self-serving or corrupt, working for their own self-interests and political ideology rather than for their citizens.   For too long, we have allowed politicians to manipulate us as a society for their own political and financial gain.  We see when elected officials fail their simple task to do the right thing for the citizens, whether due to political winds, or lack of intestinal fortitude.  We, as a society, must stand up against this corruption of our republic. Now more than ever, we need elected officials to do the right things for the citizens and we need to inject common sense and practical solutions back into government.  The government works for the people, and given the current health crisis as well as the future challenges we will face, we need experts in many fields, to help our country find practical solutions, rather than the political games of politicians.  If elected, I promise to bring my medical expertise along with common sense and practical solutions to our state legislature in an effort to secure a safe and prosperous Florida for our community and the future and for all our children.   Thank you for this opportunity to serve the great state of Florida, and God Bless America.


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Dr. Saulis Banionis

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