"I am a physician not a politician, empowering and protecting families with facts not fear, so that we can all move forward as a community."  

                                                     -Dr. Saulis Banionis

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Empowering Families Outside of the Hospital

      My name is Dr. Saulis Banionis.  I am a board-certified physician running for the Florida House of Representatives for my neighborhood, District 81. I am not a political insider, but a neighbor, small business owner, father, husband, and veteran that has been able to partner with his wife to build several successful businesses. 

     I am not a political insider.  I don’t have political experience working as a lobbyist and soliciting political action committees, though I suppose that’s what political experience now consists of.  I haven’t made promises to cronies and political insiders to make shady back door deals to push political agendas and enrich the politically connected, like many politicians.  Instead, I have experience building businesses from the ground up and expertise in building successful relationships in the business and medical community.  I have worked as a medical expert myself, and have partnered with experts in many fields to get things done.

  For more than 20 years, District 81 has been run by one political party, with many “experienced politicians” having used the position to seek higher political office, while ignoring the needs of the community. So that’s what political experience gets you, a lot of empty promises while getting overtaxed and underserved.  Rather than “political experience”, I offer District 81, a neighbor with common sense and medical expertise with a proven track record of success that is willing to work to get things done so that we can all move forward and be successful as a community

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  • Resolving the Pandemic   

  • Restoring law and order and ensuring  public safety

  • Resolving long-standing community issues. 

  • Resolve and improve local healthcare issues 

  • Reform Education and develop educators

  • Restoring water quality

  • Supporting Small Businesses 

  • Improving support for veterans

  • Improving senior care

  • Animal protection and prevention of abuse

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